The New Shack - After


Are they ever finished?

Top level is mostly taken up by screens. The LH screen is mostly used for logging and carries my weather station information. The centre screen is mainly used to display the waterfall from the P3, but can also be used to check for TVI and can display the outputs from several security cameras. The RH screen is usually used for the Internet browser, which provides access to various online SDRs - my favourite SDR is Hack Green. I also find it useful for doing quick checks on When I'm working on a project, I usually display any manuals, instructions, component values etc., although I think that a different screen above my workbench would probably be more beneficial.

New  Shack

The top shelf is used as a cover for the equipment below it and I keep a few bits and pieces there too, such as a room thermometer, frequency counter, RF 'sniffer'. On the LHS are the two main PSUs which link to Anderson Power Pole distribution boxes and on the RHS is the Elecraft P3 with an Icom speaker sitting on top of it. On the front of the shelf is the header unit for the Wouxun Quad Band FM transceiver. I found that the cooling fan on the Wouxun was nearly always on and is a tad noisy, so the main unit is mounted behind the wall, where I can't hear the fan.

On the middle shelf (just out of shot) is the main unit of the IC-7100, which I mainly use for 4 metres these days. Following on is the Elecraft KPA500 HF linear amplifier which is linked to the Elecraft K3S sitting next to it. Next is the Icom IC-9700 for 2m, 70cm and 23cm and finally two rotator controllers. One is for my VHF/UHF Yagis and the other allows me to turn the LZ1AQ amplified double mag-loop which is used for RX on the HF bands and helps reduce local RFI/noise.

New  Shack

On the desk area on the LHS are some temporary Power Pole distribution boxes, hence the mess of power cables near them. In front of them is the control head for the IC-7100 and behind that is the Elecraft KAT500 HF auto-tuner. To the right is the MFJ 1026 noise canceller. Next right is a video recorder/camera distribution unit, which can feed the main screen with up to 8 separate images and finally there's a 2 metre transverter connected to the K3S. I will soon be adding a 4 metre transverter to the lineup.

To the left of the computer keyboard is a small audio mixer which I use to combine the audio outputs of the K3S and the SDR stream from the PC. This allows me to control and mix levels routed to the CM500 headphone array, which I use for HF operation.

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