Altron CM35 Compact Antenna Mast

I bought an older Altron Mast from a fellow amateur and it's in great condition and well capable of further use for years to come. Unfortunately I can find very little information on this type of mast online, but I was very lucky that a complete set of erection instructions for various models and specifications, came with my purchase.

I've scanned the paperwork and it's available here as a set of PDFs for anyone who needs such information.

Altron seems to have gone out of production of this model some years back, so it's doubtful any copyright is enforcable and no patents are mentioned. Consequently, for anyone who has the necessary knowledge and the right welding gear and materials, it should be possible to construct your own mast to the same standard and specification.
It may also be possible to persuade a local firm of fabricators/welders to build to spec.


I do not advocate breaking copywrite or patent laws. It's up to you to check that you are not doing so. The information is published in good faith and it is your responsibility to ensure that any construction and installation complies with local safety laws and that YOU act responsibly in all matters relating to the subject matter. I take no responsibility for any accidents or damage caused by use of this material. If you are unsure - DON'T DO IT!

Altron do have a current website - see my LINKS page.

Instructions - PDFs